Supplements That Mimic Calorie Restriction

CalerieHealth™ Nutritionalist

When you're trying to achieve healthier weight management, calorie restriction is often the best way to get your weight under control. After all, it's easy to overeat when there are plenty of delicious food options around you, some of which might contain higher calorie counts than you would initially think. In fact, a single slice of whole-grain bread contains upwards up 110 calories. Even though you think you might be making healthier alternatives, it's hard to tell when you're sacrificing one bad thing for another. This is just one reason people are turning to NAD boosters for help.

Luckily, there are a growing number of supplements that mimic the effects of calorie restriction. While you should still be engaging in healthy actions that promote weight management throughout the day, taking dietary supplements from CalerieHealth™ can help bolster beneficial effects on your cells and make it easier to achieve your goals. Paired with a longevity diet, clinical trials have shown the benefits of NMN supplementation that mimic calorie restriction and bolster NAD production. These benefits include anti-aging properties, healthier weights in participants, and improved skeletal muscle performance.

Unfortunately, our bodies aren't able to take NAD supplements in its purest form. This is because NAD is simply too large to be absorbed into our cells on its own. As such, we need to boost our NAD levels with help from NAD precursors in the form of dietary supplements. When NAD synthesis occurs, only then can sirtuins (also known as the longevity gene) be activated. Here are two of the best supplements offered by CalerieHealth™ that are designed to help limit your calorie intake.

NMN Precursor Supplements

NAD (which stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is an essential enzyme that helps boost the restorative properties in our cells. This enzyme occurs in our bodies naturally, but we can achieve higher levels of NAD in our system by fasting and exercising more often. Without healthy levels of NAD in your system, you might find yourself feeling more tired, aging more quickly, and holding onto more weight than you're used to.

Think of NMN—which stands for nicotinamide mononucleotide—as the "child" version of NAD. Also known to boost our endurance, the NMN molecule gradually transitions into NAD+ through natural chemical transformations that occur in the body. This is why it's referred to as a precursor supplement; eventually, it will transition to NAD, thereby bolstering NAD levels in our body.

By boosting our intake of NMN, we can increase our NAD levels, thus contributing to a healthier weight over time. This is because NMN (and subsequently NAD) act as calorie restriction mimetics. Once activated, these higher levels of NAD play an important role in our cellular health. Higher NAD levels will signal a transition in our cells to move from a state of growth to a state of repair. When our cellular health is improved, we can experience higher levels of energy metabolism which can lead to a healthier weight.

NMN supplements also make engaging in physical activity more efficient. It's not uncommon for long-distance runners to take NMN supplements before a big race. On the other hand, people just starting a fitness routine can boost their results by improving their NAD metabolism. By mimicking the effects of fasting through NMN supplementation, our cells are better able to shed unnecessary proteins while we work out. As such, a recent study by Shin-Ichiro Imai has shown that NAD precursors are a great way to improve endurance or simply support the quality of your daily workout.

Combating Age-Related Decline and More

As we grow older, our metabolism slows, our skeletal muscles become lax, and our NAD levels—along with our NMN levels—drop. This not only makes exercising more difficult, but it can also decrease our quality of life. Numerous studies have found that boosting our NAD levels and slowing the rate of NAD metabolism through NMN supplementation is among the best way to prevent the negative side effects of aging.

But calorie restriction mimetics are particularly beneficial for people who are unable to be as active as they would like. For example, those with skeletal muscle issues might be unable to work out and have to rely solely on their diet for a healthy weight. As such, investing in a calorie restriction mimetic is a great way to reduce oxidative stress in the cells and promote better cellular longevity in differently-abled individuals.

NAD administration is easier than ever with help from CalerieHealth™. When you're ready to learn more about the benefits of NMN and other forms of NAD supplementation in the body, trust in CalerieHealth™ to give you the quality supplements you can rely on.

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